Biodynamic Craniosacral Foundation Training

Our next 700-hour Foundation Training Series will be our 13th!
BCST-13 training begins April 2-3, 2020 and runs through December 2022.

We meet two consecutive days, Thursday-Friday, every other month in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Taught by Margery Chessare with guest instructors Michelle Doyle, Pat Hilleren, Michael Mina, Pat Tschannen and others. 

The beauty of studying craniosacral therapy slowly over time is that it allows participants ample opportunity to integrate and practice this meditative approach to bodywork. Each day’s format will include perceptual exercises, hands-on practice, lecture and discussion.

Over the course of three years, the training includes the study of embryo to adult anatomy, and gently addresses every system in the human body. We explore breath, heart, muscles and fascia, the nervous system, viscera, cranium and pelvis, as well as birth and trauma issues. In!

The experience of Biodynamic craniosacral therapy can be deeply profound for both giver and receiver. The nervous system slows gently, seeking balance, facilitating our innate capacity for health and self-regulation. Unlike most forms of bodywork, Biodynamic craniosacral therapy addresses the body as a fluid entity--after all, 80 percent of our body is fluid--rather than focusing on one specific system.

Unique to this model of craniosacral therapy is reference to the incredible development of the human embryo as both historical guide and basis for health and fluidity at all ages.

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is subtle yet expansive...still yet dynamic...quiet yet potentially life-changing. We synchronize with a slow tempo and a mindful presence. In this work "perception is developed as a fine art." The practitioner learns to engage with the inherent healing wisdom that exists naturally in every being. 

"The space we created together as a group was an invaluable part of my experience with BCST. I also deeply appreciate your level of expertise and caring as a teacher and mentor. We are very lucky to have someone such as yourself in the healing arts community."   --Kathleen Vroman, LMT

"The sequencing of the individual classes as well as the progression of the program are well thought out. The experiential meditations are fantastic. Truly, I loved it all…This course was phenomenal."      --Kimberly Marks, LCSW

Students are given assigned readings in handouts, posted articles and textbooks, which are available here at the Turtle Back Bookstore. Brief session write-ups and/or journaling will be expected as the training proceeds. The 700 total hours represent a combination of classwork, practice sessions, reading assignments and a final project.

BCST Certification is completely optional and requires a project in the third year or within a year after graduation. BCST Certification from Turtle Back Craniosacral is recognized by the International School of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

The first part of the Biodynamic Foundation Training is our four-day workshop Biodynamic Basics. If you missed Biodynamic Basics but have experienced a similar introductory course of study, you are welcome (with instructor's permission).

We are proud to offer this popular in-depth training for the 13th time. It is the only one of its kind in upstate NY.

Class is limited to 10 committed students.

"Thanks so much to you for presenting these amazing BCST classes. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such amazing work. I have learned so much and I love the people who come to the classes. So many different stories, everyone eager to heal themselves and others. Margery, you are such an inspiration. I had forgotten how interesting it really is to study the body and how everything fits together to connect us as human beings!"  --Wendy Wood Ordway, CST, OTR/L, BCST

Foundation Training three-year curriculum

For detailed list of topics covered, click here.

Books required for the first year can be found at the top of the page in our bookstore. Click on the titles for easy online purchase.

Continuing Education Hours

This course is approved to provide 39 Continuing Education Hours for every three class meetings (234 CE hrs total) for both New York State-licensed and NCBTMB-certified massage therapists.

Prerequisite for the Foundation Training

Biodynamic Basics or equivalent training as approved by instructor.
Please click here for details

Dates & Hours

Thursday & Friday, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Bimonthly (approximately every 8 weeks)

2020 Dates for BCST-13:
April 2-3, June 4-5, July 30-31, October 1-2, Dec 3-4

2021 Dates for BCST-13:
January 28-29, March 25-26, May 20-21, July 22-23, September 23-24, November 18-19

2022 Dates for BCST-13:
January 13-14, March 10-11, May 5-6, June 23-24, August 18-19, October 13-14, December 1-2


Just outside of Saratoga Springs, NY—
21 Pine Robin Road
Greenfield Center, NY 12833

(15 minutes from Northway exit 13N; five miles from Broadway in Saratoga Springs.)

To Register

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One-time $100 non-refundable registration fee is required to secure your place.
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Initial BCST-13 class, April 2-3, 2020:
• $100 nonrefundable registration fee.
• Early Bird (after deposit): $225, if paid in full by March 5, 2020.
• Early Bird in full (including deposit): $325, paid in full by March 5.
• Regular fee (after deposit): $250, paid in full after March 5 and prior to March 27.
• Regular fee (including deposit): $350, paid in full after March 5 and prior to March 27.

Ongoing: $225 per class tuition is payable at every two-day class for the following one.
To avoid a $15 late fee, payment for each class is due at or within a week following the prior month's class.

Former Biodynamic Foundation students/grads:  Re-take classes at half-price! (instructor permission required).

Cancellation policy

Registration fee of $100 is non-refundable.

Ongoing classes:  No credit or refunds given for days missed. All classes are recorded and available for viewing so students can stay current with both material and CE hours.


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Turtle Back Craniosacral
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Biodynamic Foundation Initial Class