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Depression, Anxiety and Craniosacral Therapy

by Jessica Hudson

(posted on Scribd, 5-17-13)

Depression or mental disorders have been in the news recently in the tired old debate about whether the root causes lie in our genes and brain chemistry or whether, instead, they are to be found in our environments. Can we not agree that both can be and are factors? It seems to me to be absurd to try to categorize a condition that is unique for every sufferer.

Depression affects people in different ways and can cause a wide variety of physical and psychological symptoms, but what seems to be common are continuous and unrelieved feelings of hopelessness and despair. We all experience stress and anxiety from time to time, most of the time we are able to pick ourselves up and move on. Sometimes though we can’t. As each person experiences depression in their own way so each person needs to find their own way out. Some will chose chemical assistance in the form of anti-depressants, some may turn to the talking therapies and others still have found bodywork such as Craniosacral Therapy to be supportive and beneficial. Some people employ mixtures of all three and perhaps more.

So, how can Craniosacral Therapy help?

Because emotions and feelings are inseparable from the body, I believe that bodywork can be a valuable way to approach conditions of stress and anxiety. It is in the body after all that we actually experience depression, through for example, the sensations of tightness and oppression. Working through the body gives us an opportunity to bypass our familiar mental barriers and to begin to let go of the accumulated physical tensions which are so established.

Simply, if we can let go some of the physical tension we may be able to allow more space and ease which makes us feel better. It may not be a universal panacea, but it can be a helpful support at a difficult time. Craniosacral Therapists offer unparalleled stillness in which to listen to your body.